About Acorn Felting

My Story

Hi, and welcome to my site. I’m Fay from Acorn felting.

I discovered wet felting by accident a few years ago when I got the chance to do a course in wet felting at a local college. It was great fun. The atmosphere was fantastic. Everyone chatting and felting together.

Then my sister discovered needle felting. I was determined to try it so managed to convince her to get me a Christmas present of an easy felting animals starter kit.

For Christmas, I had a lion and giraffe kit with polystyrene inserts. Sadly I don’t still have those finished items as I don’t have any more room to keep all my projects.

At the time my sister ran a craft group evening. She held a couple of sessions for needle felting. I went to those and made a couple of bunnies also polystyrene-based. It was at this point it was clear that felting wasn’t for me. I did not like using polystyrene, it was messy, it broke up and crumbled, and generally, I didn’t like the finish. It looked shoddy and amateurish. I decided not to continue felting.

But fate was to take a different turn. 

I’d signed up to some felting groups on FB as you do. In one of these groups, someone shared a needle felted teddy bear. Now anyone that knows me knows just how much I love my bears.

The bears were adorable. I fell in love with them.

From this point on it became my mission to make a felted bear (or a few, lol). 

So in April 2016 I bought the book to make bears.

I decided not to get a felting kit because I needed the specific things that would make the bear(s). After much research and reading, I bought some needle felting basics. It was that research that stood me in good stead for my felting journey. 

That was it!

I was making bears. 

I read through all the basics but went straight to needle felted bear making.

Sadly the company I bought the wool and tools from is no longer here. Even that short time ago there wasn’t much available needle felting specific, things have changed a lot now and there are many proper resources for us felters. Batting wool wasn’t easy to get here, armature shapes I don’t remember really seeing. I do remember seeing youtube videos thinking why couldn’t I get those things? More and more felters are turning their passion into their businesses and with that needle felting is growing and supplies becoming easier to get.

After several felted bears, a few balls, etc, I branched out to mice with the armature. Now that’s a different kettle of fish!  

I wanted to do armature because I’d discovered felted cats. And one lady had written a step by step book on how to create these amazing cats.

I had a new mission!

It was about this point I decided to share with others what I had learned and am still learning. I share that here and on YouTube.

Acorn Felting On You Tube

YouTube is a whole other ball game. Felting on YouTube is that much harder to do than normal felting. I feel like a beginner again. My YouTube channel is there to share my love of felting what I learned or am learning and to help felters to learn and to improve their felting. Feel free to pop over to say hi and ask any questions. There will be lots of tips, and how-to tutorials, etc from beginners upward.

Acorn Felting on YouTube

Some Examples Of my Felting Projects

As I said, I don’t usually keep my projects, so I don’t have too many examples. I must remember to photograph them in the future! 

I had to borrow back my bear I’d given to my sister to get some photos of him. I do have other bears but this one has a special place. He was my 3rd bear ever I’d made. He won first prize at a local event along with some lovely comments from the judge. I was surprised, he was so tiny up against the other exhibits I didn’t think anyone would see him, lol. I have Liza to thank for that.

The bear on the left is my bear. The bear on the right is my sister’s first bear. She came over for a fun felting day and I showed her how to make him.

She had a bit of trouble with his feet but we adapted the technique to make it easier. Besides, it gives him character.

I don’t get to do wet felting as much epically in the winter. This is felted soap.

This is Wobbles the Penguin I created him as a fun starter tutorial for beginners. He is super simple to make and great fun. You can learn to make him here or on YouTube

I hope you enjoy your felted journey.

All The best